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Microbiology. 1999 Nov;145 ( Pt 11):3155-61.

Synthesis of lactococcin 972, a bacteriocin produced by Lactococcus lactis IPLA 972, depends on the expression of a plasmid-encoded bicistronic operon.

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Instituto de Productos Lácteos de Asturias (IPLA-CSIC), Spain.


Synthesis of lactococcin 972 is plasmid-encoded. An operon composed of two genes that encode pre-bacteriocin and a putative immunity protein has been identified. The first gene encodes a 91-residue polypeptide that is exported via a sec-dependent system to give the mature 66-aa bacteriocin. The immunity protein is a 563-residue polypeptide with seven potential transmembrane domains. Two transcripts were observed from this region: one comprises the whole operon and is synthesized during the exponential phase of growth while the other, which corresponds just to the bacteriocin structural gene, presents a maximum in exponential cultures but is still present in late-stationary-phase cells.

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