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Ann Neurol. 1999 Dec;46(6):867-77.

Adult-derived neural precursors transplanted into multiple regions in the adult brain.

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Department of Psychiatry, The New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, NY, USA.


Neural stem cells persist in the adult brain subventricular zone (SVZ). These cells generate a large number of new neurons that migrate to the olfactory bulb, where they complete their differentiation. Here, we transplanted cells carrying beta-galactosidase under the control of neuron-specific enolase promoter (NSE::LacZ) from the SVZ of adult mice into the striatum cortex and olfactory bulb, with or without an excitotoxin lesion. Between 2 and 8 weeks after transplantation, grafted cells were present in the recipient regions, but extensive migration and differentiation into mature neurons of grafted cells were only observed in the olfactory bulb. Clusters of graft-derived neuroblasts forming chain-like structures were observed within or close to the grated sites in the cortex and striatum; electron microscopy confirmed that graft-derived cells in the olfactory bulb and a small number in the striatum were neurons. Surprisingly, most of the cells expressing NSE::LacZ outside the olfactory bulb were astrocytes. We conclude that primary precursors from the SVZ migrate and differentiate effectively only within the environment of the olfactory bulb. Only limited survival and differentiation were observed in other brain regions studied.

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