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Int J Pharm. 1999 Dec 20;193(1):21-6.

Determination of unbound ceftriaxone in rat blood by on-line microdialysis and microbore liquid chromatography.

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Department of Pharmacology, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, 155-1, Section 2 Li-Nong Street, Taipei, Taiwan.


In vivo microdialysis was used to determine unbound ceftriaxone in rat blood. A microdialysis probe was inserted into the jugular vein/right atrium of Sprague-Dawley rats, and dose of 10 mg/kg ceftriaxone was then administered via the femoral vein. Dialysates were automatically collected and injected into a liquid chromatographic system via an on-line injector. Isocratic elution of ceftriaxone within 10 min was achieved using a microbore liquid chromatographic system. The chromatographic mobile phase consisted of methanol-100 mM monosodium phosphoric acid (15:85, v/v, pH 7.0). The wavelength of the UV detector was set at 280 nm. Intra- and inter-assay accuracy and precision of the assay were less than 15%. The detection limit of ceftriaxone was 20 ng/ml. The results suggest that unbound ceftriaxone in rat blood is best fit to a biexponential decay model.

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