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Gene. 1999 Nov 29;240(2):297-305.

Fine physical and transcript mapping of a 1.8 Mb region spanning the locus for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia on chromosome 12p12. 3.

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Division of Hematology-Oncology, Charles-Bruneau Cancer Center, Research Center, Sainte-Justine Hospital, 3175 Côte Ste-Catherine, Montreal, Canada.


Rearrangements of the short arm of chromosome 12 are frequently observed in hematological disorders. Previous studies of loss of heterozygosity identified a small genetic interval on chromosome 12p12.3 that is frequently deleted in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Two genes, ETV6/TEL and p27/KIP1, are located in this interval. Evidence has accumulated that an as-yet unidentified tumor suppressor gene is closely linked to these. To facilitate the identification of candidate genes, a long-range high-resolution restriction map of the ALL locus was constructed using a contig of YAC clones. Several marker loci, including 11 STS, three newly developed YAC end-based STS, six EST, and seven genes were unambiguously positioned in the new map. The map covers 1.8Mb and extends from the distal salivary proline-rich protein gene cluster to the proximal p27/KIP1 gene. The data confirmed the order tel-D12S358-p27/KIP1-cen and excluded p27/KIP1 as a candidate tumor suppressor gene. The critical region delimited by D12S89 and D12S358 is a 750kb CpG-island rich region that includes the 240kb TEL/ETV6 gene as well as CLAPS3 (clathrin-adaptor small chain 3). The new map provides a molecular framework for the identification of novel genes and transcriptional units in the ALL interval.

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