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Anal Chem. 1999 Nov 1;71(21):4903-8.

Immunoassay readout method using extrinsic Raman labels adsorbed on immunogold colloids.

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Microanalytical Instrumentation Center, Ames Laboratory-USDOE, Iowa, USA.
IA St U, Ames


An immunoassay readout method based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is described. The method exploits the SERS-derived signal from reporter molecules that are coimmobilized with biospecific species on gold colloids. This concept is demonstrated in a dualanalyte sandwich assay, in which two different antibodies covalently bound to a solid substrate specifically capture two different antigens from an aqueous sample. The captured antigens in turn bind selectively to their corresponding detection antibodies. The detection antibodies are conjugated with gold colloids that are labeled with different Raman reporter molecules, which serve as extrinsic labels for each type of antibody. The presence of a specific antigen is established by the characteristic SERS spectrum of the reporter molecule. A near-infrared diode laser was used to excite efficiently the SERS signal while minimizing fluorescence interference. We show that, by using different labels with little spectral overlap, two different antigenic species can be detected simultaneously. The potential of this concept to function as a readout strategy for multiple analytes is briefly discussed.

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