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Gene. 1999 Nov 15;240(1):57-65.

Cloning of a Leishmania major gene encoding for an antigen with extensive homology to ribosomal protein S3a.

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CJF-INSERM n degrees 96-04, Centre IRD, 911 Av. Agropolis, BP 5045, 34032, Montpellier, France.


Following purification by affinity chromatography, a Leishmania major S-hexylglutathione- binding protein of molecular mass 66kDa was isolated. The immune serum against the parasite 66kDa polypeptide when used to screen a L. major cDNA library could identify clones encoding for the human v-fos transformation effector homologue, namely ribosomal protein S3a, and thus was named LmS3a-related protein (LmS3arp). A 1027bp cDNA fragment was found to contain the entire parasite gene encoding for a highly basic protein of 30kDa calculated molecular mass sharing homology to various ribosomal S3a proteins from different species. Using computer methods for a multiple alignment and sequence motif search, we found that LmS3arp shares a sequence homology to class theta glutathione S-transferase mainly in a segment containing critical residues involved in glutathione binding. These new findings are discussed in the light of recent published data showing multiple function(s) of the ribosomal proteins S3a.

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