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Hear Res. 1999 Nov;137(1-2):77-90.

Glutamate receptor subunits in neuronal populations of the gerbil lateral superior olive.

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Department of Surgery/Otolaryngology, Yale University School of Medicine, P.O. Box 20841, New Haven, CT 06520-8041, USA.


The distribution of AMPA-preferring ionotropic glutamate receptors (GluR) within the gerbil lateral superior olive (LSO) was investigated immunocytochemically using antibodies to GluR1, 2, 2/3 and 4. Light microscopy showed GluR1 antibody preferentially labeling a population of small neurons located in the dorsal hilus and a population mainly at or near the margins of the LSO. GluR4 antibody strongly stained most large LSO neuronal somata and proximal dendrites including all principal cells. GluR2/3 antibody showed very modest staining and appeared in most cell types. GluR2 showed less intense neuronal staining than GluR2/3 and was observed as a punctate accumulation at the surface of some neuronal profiles. GluR1, 2, 2/3 and 4 immunoreactivity was found along dendrites of most large LSO neurons and in their somata. Postsynaptic specializations positive for GluR2 were rare on LSO somata compared to the high frequency of GluR4 and 1 specializations. Double labeling studies showed that different portions of the distal dendrites showed a preponderance of GluR1 or GluR4 subunits. Electron microscopic observations confirm similarities in the localization of immunoreactivity for the antibodies tested in the cytoplasm of somata and dendrites, but reveal differences at the plasmalemma, at synaptic appositions and appositions with glial processes. Receptor composition varied with cell type and location on cells.

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