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J Histochem Cytochem. 1999 Nov;47(11):1357-68.

Talin concentrates to the midbody region during mammalian cell cytokinesis.

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INSERM U381, Strasbourg, France.


In this study we investigated the cellular distribution of talin, a cytoskeletal protein, during mammalian cell cytokinesis. Immunohistochemical experiments on various carcinoma cell lines and mesenchyme-derived cells reveal that talin displays a cell cycle-dependent cellular localization. During metaphase, talin is located in the centromeric region of the chromosome, like the TD-60 protein and intrinsic centromere components detected by a CREST serum. From anaphase to telophase, talin is present in the cleavage furrow. As the cells progress to cytokinesis, when the furrow is complete, talin is concentrated in the midbody structures, as assessed by immunofluorescence and confirmed by Western blot experiments on purified midbodies. Double staining experiments reveal that alpha-tubulin, TD-60 protein, and talin co-localize in the midbodies. These results suggest that talin, in addition to its implication in focal adhesion organization and signaling, may play a critical role in cytokinesis. (J Histochem Cytochem 47:1357-1367, 1999).

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