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Virology. 1999 Oct 10;263(1):100-11.

Characterization of wild lambdoid bacteriophages: detection of a wide distribution of phage immunity groups and identification of a nus-dependent, nonlambdoid phage group.

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Departamento de Biología Celular, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados- IPN, Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional No. 2508, México, D.F., C.P. 07360, México.


Temperate phages were isolated from fresh human fecal samples. Lambdoid phages were screened for growth on Nus+ but not Nus- bacteria. Approximately 100 independent lysogens of Nus-dependent phages were constructed and tested for immunity to superinfection by the same Nus-dependent phages. This identified 20 different phage immunity groups, 18 of which belonged to the lambdoid phage family. The DNA from the majority of these phages hybridized with a lambda DNA probe, and approximately 50% were recognized by anti-lambda antibodies. Furthermore most were inducible by UV light. Eleven phage recombinants with different immunity were obtained when a phage from each group was coinfected with lambda or its derivative lambdaBLK20. We also identified another immunity group with 48 members. None of these hybridized with either lambda or phi80 DNA probes nor were they recognized by anti-lambda serum. Most were not induced by UV light treatment, and no recombinants were obtained when crossed with either lambda or lambdaBLK20. Consequently, this group of Nus-dependent phages represent a new nonlambdoid phage family.

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