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J Oral Pathol Med. 1999 Oct;28(9):385-8.

The effect of tobacco smoking and of betel chewing with tobacco on the buccal mucosa: a cytomorphometric analysis.

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Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


The effect of tobacco use on the buccal mucosa has been assessed by cytomorphometry. Cell and nuclear diameters (CD, ND) of exfoliated oral squames were measured in tobacco smokers (S), betel chewers with tobacco (C) and those with a combined habit (S+C). Non-users (NU) served as controls. The mean CD values in S, C, S+C and NU were: 50.8 (+/-0.47), 49.39 (+/-0.48), 49.12 (+/-0.47) and 51.87 (+/-0.76) microm, and the mean ND values were: 8.83 (+/-0.07), 8.61 (+/-0.08), 8.72 (+/-0.10) and 8.33 (-/+ 0.09) microm, respectively. The least significant difference procedure (LSD at P=0.05) showed a significant reduction for CD in C and S+C and an increase for ND in all three habit groups, compared to the controls. This study shows that the use of tobacco influences the cytomorphology of the normal buccal mucosa. Betel chewing with tobacco influences the ND and CD, while smoking influences only the ND.

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