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Proc Biol Sci. 1999 Sep 22;266(1431):1905-12.

X chromosome DNA variation in Drosophila virilis.

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Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology, University of Edinburgh, Ashworth Laboratories, UK.


Comparisons of polymorphism patterns between distantly related species are essential in order to determine their generality. However, most work on the genus Drosophila has been done only with species of the subgenus Sophophora. In the present work, we have sequenced one intron and surrounding coding sequences of 6 X-linked genes (chorion protein s36, elav, fused, runt, suppressor of sable and zeste) from 21 strains of wild-type Drosophila virilis (subgenus Drosophila). From these data, we have estimated the average level of DNA polymorphism, inferred the effective population size and population structure of this species, and compared the results with those obtained for other Drosophila species. There is no reduction in variation at two loci close to the centromeric heterochromatin, in contrast to Drosophila melanogaster.

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