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Rev Neurosci. 1999;10(3-4):213-32.

Computational models of predictive and memory-related functions of the hippocampus.

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Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems, University of Plymouth, Devon, UK.


We discuss the role of the hippocampus in information processing in the brain and hypothesise that the hippocampus monitors the stability of sensory cues it receives from the external world, using the current context to predict the next sensory event in the episodic sequence by learning from experience, and memorising these sequences of sensory events. Two computational models are presented here. The predictive theory and model are closely related to experimental evidence and use dynamic synapses with an asymmetric learning rule to develop predictive neural activity of a leaky integrate-and-fire model of a pyramidal CA3 cell. The oscillatory model of the hippocampus for memorising sequences of sensory events is developed as a chain of interacting neural oscillators forced by oscillatory inputs from the entorhinal cortex and from the medial septum.

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