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Am J Acupunct. 1999;27(1-2):71-83.

Colored light therapy: overview of its history, theory, recent developments and clinical applications combined with acupuncture.

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Acupuncture Clinic of Prescott, AZ 86305, USA.


Light therapy has a long history, dating from ancient Egypt to the contemporary treatment of seasonal affective disorder. In the early half of this century, Dinshah Ghadiali, MD PhD, refined a sophisticated system of color therapy. Influenced by a strong background in mathematics and physics, he determined specific "attributes" of the colors of the spectrum, i.e., their specific effects on human physiology. Later research has confirmed many of his concepts and spawned evolution of new systems for application of light therapy including irradiation of acupuncture points. According to the author, his system dovetails nicely with traditional Oriental medicine theory, relating colors to the internal organs and meridian system. Of particular note is recent Russian research which has shown that light is conducted within the body along the acupuncture meridians leading the authors to ponder: Do acupuncture meridians function as a light (photon) transferal system within the body, not unlike optical fiber? Case studies provide support for the clinical benefits of light therapy. The emerging contemporary color therapy systems of Mandel (Colorpuncture) and McWilliams (Chromo-pressure) are discussed, and a newly patented device is introduced.

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