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Microsc Res Tech. 1999 Oct 1;47(1):51-60.

RHO GTPases in the control of cell morphology, cell polarity, and actin localization in fission yeast.

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Instituto de Microbiología Bioquímica, CSIC / Universidad de Salamanca. Edificio Departamental, 37007 Salamanca, Spain.


The fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe undergoes morphogenetic changes during both vegetative and sexual cell cycles that require asymmetric cell growth and actin cytoskeleton reorganisations. Different complex signal transduction pathways participate in S. pombe morphogenesis. The Rho family of GTPases are present in all eukaryotic cells, from yeast to mammals, and their role as key regulators in the signalling pathways that control actin organisation and morphogenetic processes is well known. In this review, we will briefly summarize the role of the Rho GTPases in the establishment and maintenance of cell polarity and growth of S. pombe. As in other fungi, S. pombe morphogenesis is closely related to cell wall biosynthesis, and Rho GTPases are critical modulators of this process. They provide the coordinated regulation of cell wall biosynthetic enzymes and actin organisation required to maintain cell integrity and polarised growth.

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