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Neuroreport. 1999 Jun 3;10(8):1683-8.

Functional MRI study of auditory and visual oddball tasks.

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Department of Radiology, University of Rochester, NY 14642, USA.


To seek neural sources of endogenous event-related potentials, brain activations related to rare target stimuli detection in auditory and visual oddball tasks were imaged using a high temporal resolution functional MRI technique. There were multiple modality specific and modality non-specific activations. Auditory specific activations were seen in the bilateral transverse temporal gyri and posterior superior temporal planes while visual specific activations were seen in the bilateral occipital lobes and their junctions with the temporal lobes. Modality non-specific activations were seen in multiple areas including the bilateral parietal and temporal association areas, bilateral prefrontal cortex, bilateral premotor areas, bilateral supplementary motor areas and anterior cingulate gyrus. Results were consistent with previous intracranial evoked potential recording studies, and supported the multiple generator theory of the endogenous event-related potentials.

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