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Int J Cancer. 1999 Oct 29;83(3):424-31.

Inhibition of heparanase activity and tumor metastasis by laminarin sulfate and synthetic phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotides.

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Department of Oncology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.


Heparanase activity correlates with the metastatic potential of tumor cells. Moreover, the anti-metastatic effect of non-anti-coagulant species of heparin and certain sulfated polysaccharides was attributed to their heparanase-inhibiting activity. We investigated the effect of a chemically sulfated polysaccharide (laminarin), consisting primarily of beta-1,3 glucan (sodium laminarin), and of synthetic phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotides, primarily phosphorothioate homopolymer of cytidine (SdC28), on heparanase activity and tumor metastasis. Investigation of the ability of tumor cells to degrade heparan sulfate in intact extracellular matrix revealed that heparanase activity expressed by B16-BL6 mouse melanoma cells and 13762 MAT rat mammary adenocarcinoma cells was effectively inhibited by LS (50% inhibition at 0.2-1 microgram/ml), but there was no inhibition by sodium laminarin up to a concentration of 50 microgram/ml. Complete inhibition of the melanoma heparanase was obtained in the presence of 0.1 microM SdC28. A single i.p. injection of laminarin sulfate, but not of sodium laminarin, before i.v. inoculation of the melanoma or breast-carcinoma cells inhibited the extent of lung colonization by the tumor cells by 80 to 90%. Similar inhibition was exerted by 0.1 microM SdC28. At the effective concentrations, both compounds had a small effect on proliferation of the tumor cells and on growth of the primary tumors in vivo. These results further emphasize the involvement of heparanase in tumor metastasis and the potential clinical application of diverse heparanase-inhibiting molecules such as sulfated polysaccharides and synthetic polyanionic molecules.

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