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J Invertebr Pathol. 1999 Sep;74(2):143-8.

Development of the one-on-one quality assessment assay for entomopathogenic nematodes.

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Department of Applied and Molecular Ecology, University of Adelaide, Waite Campus, Glen Osmond, South Australia, 5064, Australia. vkempster@waite.adelaide


The one-on-one bioassay was developed using Steinernema carpocapsae (All) nematodes against the wax moth larva, Galleria mellonella. The assay was used to develop and compare virulence profiles of both in vitro- and in vivo-produced nematodes and to provide a quality assessment 'standard' for in vitro-produced nematodes. The bioassay was subsequently used to develop virulence profiles for Steinernema carpocapsae (UK), S. feltiae (UK), S. feltiae (R1.5), S. feltiae (SN), S. glaseri (NJ-43), and S. riobrave (RGV). These profiles are unique for each species and isolate and are used as a standard of virulence in routine quality assessment of nematodes produced in liquid fermentation.

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