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Bioessays. 1999 Jul;21(7):558-67.

Recognition of sorting signals by clathrin adaptors.

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University of Basel, Switzerland.


Sorting of membrane proteins is generally mediated by cytosolic coats, which create a scaffold to form coated buds and vesicles and to selectively concentrate cargo by interacting with cytosolic signals. The classical paradigm is the interaction between clathrin coats and associated adaptor proteins, which cluster receptors with characteristic tyrosine and dileucine motifs during endocytosis. Clathrin in association with different sets of adaptors is found in addition at the trans-Golgi network and endosomes. Sequences similar to internalization signals also direct lysosomal and basolateral sorting, which implicates related clathrinadaptor coats in the respective sorting pathways. This review concentrates on the recognition of sorting signals by clathrin-associated adaptor proteins, an area of significant recent progress due to new methodological and conceptual approaches.

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