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Clin Physiol. 1999 Jul;19(4):305-10.

The effect of arginine vasopressin, lysine vasopressin or oxytocin on ADP or arginine vasopressin-induced Ca2+ increase in human platelets.

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Pediatric Research Institute, UiO, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway.


Oxytocin (OT), lysine vasopressin (L8VP), arginine vasopressin (A8VP) or arginine vasotocin (A8VT) are found in plasma from several species and stimulate various cell types by activation of the polyphosphoinositide metabolism and mobilization of intracellular calcium. We therefore studied the effects of the nonapeptides OT, A8VT, L8VP or A8VP on cytoplasmic calcium (Ca2+) and the effect of the nonapeptides on A8VP-induced Ca2+ mobilization. The preincubation of platelets with 'physiological' concentrations of A8VP (2-4 pmol l-1) did not enhance the intracellular calcium increase caused by the agonists used. However, the ADP-induced calcium increase was enhanced by prior addition of subthreshold concentrations of A8VP (less than 1 nmol l-1) to the platelet suspension (by 10%, P = 0.027, n = 12). Neither OT nor A8VT in concentrations from 10(-5) mumol l-1 to 1 mumol l-1 increased the cytoplasmic calcium concentration. We found that both OT and A8VT blocked the effect of subsequent exposure to A8VP. ADP (0.4 mumol l-1) did not block the effect of A8VP.

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