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Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 1999 Sep;26(1):70-9.

Use of representational difference analysis to study the effect of TGFB on the expression profile of a pancreatic cancer cell line.

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Department of Internal Medicine I, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany.


It has been shown that TGFBs, their receptors, or downstream targets show genetic alterations in pancreatic cancer. This study was designed to identify transcriptional alterations induced by prolonged treatment of pancreatic cancer cell lines with TGFB. The TGFB-responsive PANC-1 cell line was treated with 10-ng/ml TGFB1 for 24 hr. cDNA representational difference analysis was used to generate subtracted hybridization probes enriched for TGFB regulated genes. These probes were hybridized on gridded arrays of cDNA clones containing genes differentially expressed in pancreatic cancer. Twenty-seven distinct cDNA clones were shown to be TGFB target genes. Eleven genes were upregulated by TGFB and were associated with extracellular matrix composition and formation, including genes usually transcribed by cells of mesenchymal origin only. Transcript levels of 16 genes were downregulated by TGFB and could mainly be classified into markers of epithelial differentiation and genes involved in the transcriptional and translational machinery. In conclusion, a 24-hr treatment of PANC-1 cells with TGFB induced a loss of epithelial and a gain of mesenchymal markers. As in other tumors, this epithelial-mesenchymal transdifferentiation may be of general importance during pancreatic carcinogenesis, and may participate, e.g., in the development of the desmoplastic reaction or the acquisition of an invasive phenotype of pancreatic tumor cells. This study demonstrates the usefulness of cDNA RDA and gridded clone libraries to study the effect of signaling cascades on the expression profile of tumor cells. Similar approaches may be helpful in the context of the genome project for the characterization of novel genes. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 26:70-79, 1999.

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