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Gene. 1999 Aug 5;236(1):1-12.

Mechanism of DNA replication in eukaryotic cells: cellular host factors stimulating adenovirus DNA replication.

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Laboratory for Physiological Chemistry and Centre for Biomedical Genetics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Replication of adenovirus (Ad) DNA depends on interactions between three viral and three cellular proteins. Human transcription factors NFI and Oct-1 recruit the Ad DNA polymerase to the origin of DNA replication as a complex with the Ad protein primer pTP. High affinity and specificity DNA binding to recognition sites in this origin by the transcription factors stimulate and stabilize pre-initiation complex formation to compensate for the low binding specificity of the pTP/pol complex. In this review, we discuss the properties of NFI and Oct-1 and the mechanism by which they enhance initiation of DNA replication. We propose a model that describes the dynamics of initiation and elongation as well as the assembly and disassembly of the pre-initiation complex.

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