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Nat Struct Biol. 1999 Aug;6(8):729-34.

Solution structure of the homodimeric core domain of Escherichia coli histidine kinase EnvZ.

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Center for Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance and Institute of Applied Biochemistry, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577, Japan.


Escherichia coli osmosensor EnvZ is a protein histidine kinase that plays a central role in osmoregulation, a cellular adaptation process involving the His-Asp phosphorelay signal transduction system. Dimerization of the transmembrane protein is essential for its autophosphorylation and phosphorelay signal transduction functions. Here we present the NMR-derived structure of the homodimeric core domain (residues 223-289) of EnvZ that includes His 243, the site of autophosphorylation and phosphate transfer reactions. The structure comprises a four-helix bundle formed by two identical helix-turn-helix subunits, revealing the molecular assembly of two active sites within the dimeric kinase.

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