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Comput Chem. 1999 Jun 15;23(3-4):233-50.

Promoter analysis of co-regulated genes in the yeast genome.

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY 11724, USA.


The use of high density DNA arrays to monitor gene expression at a genome-wide scale constitutes a fundamental advance in biology. In particular, the expression pattern of all genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae can be interrogated using microarray analysis where cDNAs are hybridized to an array of more than 6000 genes in the yeast genome. In an effort to build a comprehensive Yeast Promoter Database and to develop new computational methods for mapping upstream regulatory elements, we started recently in an on going collaboration with experimental biologists on analysis of large-scale expression data. It is well known that complex gene expression patterns result from dynamic interacting networks of genes in the genetic regulatory circuitry. Hierarchical and modular organization of regulatory DNA sequence elements are important information for our understanding of combinatorial control of gene expression. As a bioinformatics attempt in this new direction, we have done some computational exploration of various initial experimental data. We will use cell-cycle regulated gene expression as a specific example to demonstrate how one may extract promoter information computationally from such genome-wide screening. Full report of the experiments and of the complete analysis will be published elsewhere when all the experiments are to be finished later in this year (Spellman, P.T., et al. 1998. Mol. Biol. Cell 9, 3273-3297).

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