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J Pept Sci. 1999 May;5(5):203-20.

Peptide and glycopeptide dendrimers. Part II.

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Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague.


Recent progress in peptide and glycopeptide chemistry make the preparation of peptide and glycopeptide dendrimers of acceptable purity, with designed structural and immunochemical properties reliable. New methodologies using unprotected peptide building blocks have been developed to further increase the possibilities of their design and improve their preparation and separation. The sophisticated design of peptide and glycopeptide dendrimers has led to their use as antigens and immunogens, for serodiagnosis and other biochemical uses including drug delivery. Dendrimers bearing peptide with predetermined secondary structures are useful tools in protein de novo design. This article covers synthesis and applications of multiple antigen peptides (MAPs), multiple antigen glycopeptides (MAGs), multiple antigen peptides based on sequential oligopeptide carriers (MAP-SOCs), glycodendrimers and template-assembled synthetic proteins (TASPs). In part II the preparation of MAPs, and the utility of glycodendrimers and TASPs are discussed.

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