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Neuroscience. 1999;89(4):1123-34.

Leukemia inhibitory factor regulates galanin/galanin message-associated peptide expression in cultured mouse dorsal root ganglia; with a note on in situ hybridization methodology.

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Department of Neurosciences, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.


After transection of the sciatic nerve there is a dramatic increase in both galanin/galanin message-associated peptide-like immunoreactivities and preprogalanin messenger RNA levels in rat and mouse lumbar 4 and 5 dorsal root ganglion neurons. There is strong evidence that after nerve injury leukemia inhibitor factor is a key molecule in the control of peptide expression both in sympathetic neurons and in dorsal root ganglion neurons, although the cells of origin of endogenous leukemia inhibitory factor remain to be established. We have therefore studied the effect of leukemia inhibitory factor on galanin expression in 72 h cultured dorsal root ganglion neurons from normal mice, leukemia inhibitory factor-deficient and heterozygous mice with immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. In cultures of leukemia inhibitory factor-deficient (-/-) mice only 13% of the dorsal root ganglion neurons expressed galanin message-associated peptide and in cultures from heterozygous (+/-) and wild-type (+/+) mice the corresponding figures were, respectively, 24 and 40%. After addition of leukemia inhibitory factor (10 or 50 ng/ml) to the culture medium, the number of neurons expressing galanin message-associated peptide was increased (up to 41%) in cultures from (-/-) animals after the high concentration and reached similar values in cultures from heterozygous animals incubated with the low concentration. These findings were supported by parallel analysis of prepro-galanin messenger RNA levels, where similar transcript levels and effects in the various cultures were observed in the non-radioactive in situ hybridization experiments. These results support the hypothesis that leukemia inhibitory factor is an important regulator of galanin/galanin message-associated peptide expression following axotomy, and may therefore be involved in the defence mechanisms against neuropathic pain at the level of dorsal root ganglion neurons.

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