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Mamm Genome. 1999 May;10(5):438-43.

Sequence-ready physical map of the mouse chromosome 16 region with conserved synteny to the human velocardiofacial syndrome region on 22q11.2.

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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, USA.


Proximal mouse Chromosome (Chr) 16 shows conserved synteny with human Chrs 16, 8, 22, and 3. The mouse Chr 16/human Chr 22 conserved synteny region includes the DiGeorge/Velocardiofacial syndrome region of human Chr 22q11.2. A physical map of the entire mouse Chr 16/human Chr 22 region of conserved synteny has been constructed to provide a substrate for gene discovery, genomic sequencing, and animal model development. A YAC contig was constructed that extends ca. 5.4 Mb from a region of conserved synteny with human Chr 8 at Prkdc through the region conserved with human Chr 3 at DVL3. Sixty-one markers including 37 genes are mapped with average marker spacing of 90 kb. Physical distance was determined across the 2.6-Mb region from D16Mit74 to Hira with YAC fragmentation. The central region from D16Jhu28 to Igl-C1 was converted into BAC and PAC clones, further refining the physical map and providing sequence-ready template. The gene content and borders of three blocks of conserved linkage between human Chr 22q11.2 mouse Chr 16 are refined.

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