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Hum Immunol. 1999 Mar;60(3):177-86.

Identification of multiple HIV-1 CTL epitopes presented by HLA-B*5101 molecules.

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Division of Viral Immunology, Center for AIDS Research, Kumamoto University, Japan.


We attempted to identify and characterize HIV-1 CTL epitopes presented by HLA-B51 which is associated with a slow progression to AIDS. HLA-B*5101 stabilization assay showed that 33 out of 172 HIV-1 peptides carrying HLA-B*5101 anchor residues bound to HLA-B*5101. Seven peptides were suggested as HIV-1 CTL epitopes presented by HLA-B*5101 because the specific CTL was induced for these peptides in PBMC from three HIV-1 seropositive individuals carrying HLA-B51 by stimulation with HLA-B*5101 binding peptides. Analysis of these epitopes using the specific CTL clones confirmed that six of seven HIV-1 peptides are epitopes presented by HLA-B*5101. Three epitopes presented by HLA-B*5101 are highly conserved among the clade B strain, suggesting that the specific CTL for these epitopes might play an important role in recognition of HIV-1 infected cells. These epitopes will be useful to analyze CTL responses in HIV-1 infected individuals.

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