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Can J Hosp Pharm. 1981 May-Jun;34(3):75-8.

The development of a Canadian hospital pharmacy workload measurement system.


The aim of the proposed study is to establish a national workload measurement system for hospital pharmacy in Canada. No reliable method presently exists to determine staffing requirements for hospital pharmacy. In order to establish staffing guidelines, a method of scientifically assessing and measuring hospital pharmacy workloads is needed. It is proposed to develop worlkload measurement data for hospital pharmacy according to the Canadian Workload Recording Method of Statistics Canada. The Canadian Workload Recording Method was developed to provide a scientific basis for measuring clinical laboratory workload, thus promoting effective laboratory management. This method is now being applied to other health professions. Data for hospital pharmacy will be collected from various hospital pharmacy departments across Canada based on standardized definitions of modern hospital pharmacy practice. The proposed study will be carried out over a period of two years by a research group located at the College of Pharmacy, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, in cooperation with the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists. Workload measurement data of pharmacy services in Canadian hospitals will serve as a valuable management tool for hospital pharmacy directors, hospital administrators and federal-provincial funding agencies in the determination of total manpower needs and resources for hospital pharmacy. Also, information obtained will be of administrative assistance in the areas of: (a) development of standardized methods of recording hospital pharmacy management information; (b) generation of valid and reliable data to allow comparative studies of hospital pharmacy departments in terms of productivity and utilization of manpower; (c) determination of the proper staffing ratio between pharmacists and supportive personnel; and (d) development of short and long-term planning goals for the hospital pharmacy department. The Canadian Workload Recording Method was designed to reflect current practice by a system of continuous monitoring and review by the user. As new pharmaceutical services develop, additional workload studies can be conducted to establish new standards demonstrating the impact of future programs on manpower requirements.

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