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Drug Discov Today. 1999 Feb;4(2):63-71.

Selective proteasome inhibitors: modulators of antigen presentation?

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Research Department, Cantonal Hospital St Gall, Bldg 09, CH-9007 St Gallen, Switzerland.


The proteasome is the main nonlysosomal endoprotease in the cytoplasm and nucleus of all eukaryotic cells. It is responsible for the generation of most antigenic peptides as ligands for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I proteins. The proteasome hence qualifies as a target for modifying or silencing antigen processing and presentation to cytotoxic T cells, which are important players in transplant rejection and autoimmune disease. The authors summarize recent progress in the understanding of antigen processing by the proteasome and discuss the potential of novel and selective proteasome inhibitors as drugs for suppressing or modifying the cytotoxic immune response.

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