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[Adamantane derivatives enhancing body's resistance to emergencies].

[Article in Russian]


A total of 329 novel adamantane derivatives have been synthesized and pharmacologically studied. Among them, the compounds containing halogen-containing aromatic radicals in the second position show the most pronounced effect on animal resistance to the emergencies induced by its habitat and performance. N-(2-adamantyl)-N-(para-bromphenyl)amine (bromantane) possesses a low toxicity, a high ability to enhance the physical and operant working maintenance of animals, to accelerate its recovery in developed fatigue, in hyperthermia and hypoxia in particular. 2-(para-chlorobenzoylamine)adamantane (chlodantane) has the processes of a rapid-action adaptogenic agent by enhancing the resistance of animals to various physical and toxically chemical noxious agents. The two compounds have immunostimulating effects in secondary stress-induced immunodeficiencies whose mechanism of action is a membranous protective activity.

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