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Mol Phylogenet Evol. 1999 Jun;12(1):10-30.

Molecular phylogeny of ateline new world monkeys (Platyrrhini, atelinae) based on gamma-globin gene sequences: evidence that brachyteles is the sister group of lagothrix.

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Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, 48201, USA.


Nucleotide sequences, each spanning approximately 7 kb of the contiguous gamma1 and gamma2 globin genomic loci, were determined for seven species representing all extant genera (Ateles, Lagothrix, Brachyteles, and Alouatta) of the New World monkey subfamily Atelinae. After aligning these seven ateline sequences with outgroup sequences from several other primate (non-ateline) genera, they were analyzed by maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and neighbor-joining algorithms. All three analyzes estimated the same phylogenetic relationships: [Alouatta [Ateles (Brachyteles, Lagothrix)]]. Brachyteles and Lagothrix are sister-groups supported by 100% of bootstrap replications in the parsimony analyses. Ateles joins this clade, followed by the basal genus Alouatta; these joinings were strongly supported, again with 100% bootstrap values. This cladistic pattern for the four ateline genera is congruent with that obtained in previous studies utilizing epsilon-globin, IRBP, and G6PD nuclear genomic sequences as well as mitochondrial COII sequences. Because the number of aligned nucleotide positions is much larger in the present datasetoff than in any of these other datasets, much stronger support was obtained for the cladistic classification that divides subfamily Atelinae into tribes Alouattini (Alouatta) and Atelini, while the latter divides into subtribes Atelina (Ateles) and Brachytelina (Brachyteles and Lagothrix).

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