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Yeast. 1999 Mar 30;15(5):427-34.

The open reading frame YAL048c affects the secretion of proteinase A in S. cerevisiae.

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Department of Molecular Genetics, Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsvaerd, Denmark.


Over-expression of the yeast PEP4 gene encoding the vacuolar aspartic protease proteinase A (PrA) leads to saturation of the vacuolar targeting system of the cell and missorting of PrA to the growth medium. In a screen for genes affecting the secretion of over-expressed PrA we found that multiple copies of the open reading frame (ORF) YAL048c enhanced PrA secretion. Since no function has hitherto been ascribed to YAL048c, we undertook further studies of this ORF. Deletion of YAL048c resulted in slightly reduced secretion of over-produced PrA. Furthermore, strains deleted for YAL048c showed a growth inhibition phenotype resulting in wrinkled colony morphology when grown on rich medium containing high concentrations of calcium. YAL048c is predicted to encode a polypeptide of 662 amino acid residues containing two consensus ATP/GTP-binding site motifs and a putative carboxy-terminal transmembrane region. In addition, the amino acid sequence contains two putative calcium-binding domains. The YAL048c protein may be evolutionarily conserved, as homologues exist in humans and Caenorhabditis elegans. We suggest that the YAL048c protein is involved in vesicle transport in the secretory pathway.

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