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Cell Death Differ. 1998 Jun;5(6):497-505.

Expression of the lymphotoxin beta receptor on follicular stromal cells in human lymphoid tissues.

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Department of Pediatrics and Cancer Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco, California 94143, USA.


The lymphotoxin beta receptor (LTbetaR), and its ligand, LTalpha1beta2, have been proposed to play a key role in the development and organization of lymphoid tissues. The LTbetaR is expressed on a variety of human primary and transformed cells, but strikingly absent on T or B lymphocytes and primary monocytes or peripheral dendritic cells, although LTbetaR is detected on some myeloid leukemic lines. In the developing thymus LTbetaR is prominent along the trabeculae and into the medulla upto corticomedullary junction. In the spleen, LTbetaR is prominently expressed by cells in the red pulp and along the borders of red and white pulp which colocalizes with reticular stromal cells. The LTbetaR is expressed on a human follicular dendritic cell line, FDC-1, and signals expression of CD54 when ligated with the LTalpha1beta2 complex. These results support the concept that directional interactions between LTalpha1beta2 bearing lymphocytes and LTbetaR bearing stromal cells are involved in the organization of lymphoid tissue.

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