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Int J Sport Nutr. 1999 Mar;9(1):92-115.

The efficacy of carbohydrate supplementation and chronic high- carbohydrate diets for improving endurance performance.

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Department of physical activity, Ohio State University, Columbus, 43210, USA.


Carbohydrate (CHO) is the body's most limited fuel and the most heavily metabolized during moderate-intensity exercise. For this reason it is recommended that endurance athletes consume a high-CHO diet (8-10 g CHO . kg body weight-1 . day-1) to enhance training and performance. A review of the literature supports the benefits of CHO supplementation on endurance performance. The benefits of chronic high-CHO diets on endurance performance are not as clear. Recent evidence suggests that a high-CHO diet may be necessary for optimal adaptations to training. However, the paucity of date in this area precludes any concrete conclusions. The practicality of high-CHO diets is not well understood. The available evidence would indicate that a high-CHO diet is the best dietary recommendation for endurance athletes.

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