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Biochemistry. 1978 Sep 19;17(19):3992-6.

Structure of iturine A, a peptidolipid antibiotic from Bacillus subtilis.


A mixture of iturines extracted from Bacillus subtilis gave, on column chromatography, iturine A, iturine B, and iturine C. Iturine A has the entire antifungal activity. It is a mixture of two homologous peptidolipids C48,H74N12O14 and C49H76N12O14 (mp 177 degrees C, [alpha]D-1.7 degrees in methanol (c 0.05 g/mL); mol wt 1042 and 1056). The lipid moiety is a mixture of 3-amino-12-methyltridecanoic acid and 3-amino-12-methyltetradecanoic acid. The peptide moiety contains 7 mol of amino acids: D-Asn2, L-Asn, L-Gln, L-Pro, L-Ser, and D-Tyr. A cyclic structure for iturine A with the serine residue linked to the fatty amino acids through a peptide bond has been domonstrated. By mild HCl hydrolysis, lipid-soluble and water-soluble peptides were obtained. They were analyzed by chemical methods and by mass spectrometry. Permethylated and perdeuteriomethylated derivatives of iturine A were also subjected to mass spectrometric analysis. Both chemical analysis and mass spectrometry led to the cyclic structure I for iturine A.

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