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Cytokine. 1999 Jan;11(1):87-93.

Simultaneous detection of IFN-gamma and IL-4 mRNAs using RT-PCR and time-resolved fluorometry.

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Turku Immunology Centre and Department of Virology, University of Turku, Turku, Finland. markus.halminen@utu.ti


Time-resolved fluorometry was applied in the detection of RT-PCR amplified mRNAs for the Th1 and Th2 cell-derived cytokines interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) and interleukin (IL-)4, respectively. RNA stimulated cells was reverse transcribed and the cDNAs for the cytokine mRNAs and the constantly expressed beta-actin (beta-ACT) mRNA were simultaneously amplified in one multiplex PCR reaction. The PCR conditions were optimized to minimize mutual inhibition of individual amplifications. One of the PCR primers in each primer pair was biotinylated, and the PCR products were captured onto streptavidin-coated microtitre plates. The three PCR products were detected with three different lanthanide labelled target-specific probes in solution hybridization. IFN-gamma, IL-4 and beta-ACT were detected with europium (Eu), terbium (Tb) and samarium (Sm) labelled probes, respectively, using time-resolved fluorometry. Small cell numbers used in microtitre plate cultures were sufficient to detect cytokine messages after mitogen stimulation. This sequence-based method provides a sensitive, specific, fast and nonisotopic alternative to conventional blotting and hybridisation with radioactive probes. In addition, the multiplex fluorogenic dye detection facilitates relative quantification of target mRNAs.

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