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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1999 Feb 16;255(2):340-6.

Intracellular localization of SNAP-23 to endosomal compartments.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Chandler Medical Center, Lexington 40536, USA.


We have reexamined the intracellular localization of the ubiquitously expressed target membrane SNAP receptor (t-SNARE), SNAP-23. While SNAP-23 appears on the plasma membrane, in the cell types examined there is a significant pool associated with endosomal compartments. Immuno-staining and expression of green fluorescent protein-tagged SNAP-23, show that it has a punctate, perinuclear localization in HepG2 and HT4 cells. This distribution overlaps significantly with transferrin receptor and slightly with the late endosome/lysosomal protein LAMP-1. The localization of SNAP-23 changes as HepG2 cells polarize. Initially it is concentrated at sites of cell-cell contact and then almost exclusively to the apical (or bile canalicular) domain of the cell. These data are consistent with a role for SNAP-23 in both endosome-plasma membrane trafficking as well as endosome-endosome transport.

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