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Cancer Immunol Immunother. 1999 Jan;47(5):257-64.

Adoptive-transfer therapy of tumors with the tumor-specific primary cytotoxic T cells induced in vitro with the B7.1-transduced MCA205 cell line.

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Laboratory of Tumor Immunology, Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul.


We show that the tumor-specific primary cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) induced in vitro with the MCA205 fibrosarcoma cells transduced with the B7.1 (CD80) gene are highly effective in adoptive-transfer therapy of the parental tumors. The MCA205 fibrosarcoma cell line was transduced with the retroviral vectors encoding the B7.1 gene and tested for their efficiency as stimulators in short-term (5 days) mixed lymphocyte/tumor cell cultures with highly purified syngenic, unprimed T cells as responders. The induction of the CTL required the presence of a low dose of interleukin-2 (25 U/ml). The injection of the CTL prevented colony formation by the intravenously injected tumor cells in a lung colonization assay in which the CTL were injected after inoculation of tumor cells. We also showed that the adoptive transfer of the same T cells was effective in delaying the growth of the subcutaneously injected tumor cells. These results imply that the short-term mixed lymphocyte/tumor cell culture with the tumor cells transduced with the gene for the B7.1 costimulatory molecule is potentially a good source of CTL for adoptive-transfer therapy of tumors.

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