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Genetika. 1976;12(7):68-73.

[Relationship between genetic differentiation of the thymus in mice of different strains and malignant growth. IV. Genetic analysis of the thymic index in mice].

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Relative thymus weight was estimated in C3H/He, C57BL/6 mice, their F1 and backcross hybrids, as well as in the progeny of complete diallel crosses between the BALB/c, C3H/He, C57BL/6 and AKR/J strains. On the basis of the analysis of these measurements, a conclusion is drawn that this character is inherited with incomplete dominance of smaller relative weight. The genes determining greater thymus weight are concentrated in the genetic pool of AKR/J and C57BL/6 strains. These genes are characterized by some degree of recessivity with respect to the genes determining smaller thymus weight which are concentrated in the genetic pool of C3H/He and BALB/c strains. The highest concentration of the "plus" and "minus" genes is found in the genetic pools of AKR/J and C3H/He strains respectively.

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