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Gene. 1996 Oct 10;175(1-2):233-40.

Molecular cloning of polybromo, a nuclear protein containing multiple domains including five bromodomains, a truncated HMG-box, and two repeats of a novel domain.

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Chester Beatty Laboratories, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK.


A number of transcription factors that act as adaptor proteins have been found to contain an 87 amino acid domain called the bromodomain. In a study to identify and characterise bromodomain proteins expressed in chicken cells, a novel gene has been isolated which encodes five repeats of the bromodomain. In addition, the encoded protein, termed polybromo, contains four other domains: an unusual truncated HMG box, two repeats of a novel domain which we term the BAH domain and a sequence related to a region within the regulatory domain of the DNA cytosine-5 methyltransferase enzyme. Polybromo was found to be related to a yeast protein U19102 which has two bromo domains, a BAH domain and the DNA methyltransferase-related sequence. Antibodies that were raised against polybromo were used in confocal microscopy analysis to show that the 180-kDa polybromo protein is located within the nucleus but excluded from the nucleolus. Gel filtration analysis of nuclear extracts demonstrate that polybromo is part of a large complex with a mass of approximately 2 million dalton.

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