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J Biol Chem. 1980 Apr 25;255(8):3234-6.

Location of a collagen-binding domain in fibronectin.


Preferential labeling of COOH-terminal sequences in newly synthesized fibronectin was achieved by short term incorporation of radiolabeled amino acids in the presence of pactamycin, an inhibitor of polypeptide chain initiation. The labeled fibronectin was then cleaved with cathepsin D under conditions that yield a large (137,000-dalton) fragment that lacks collagen-binding properties, and a smaller (72,000-dalton) fragment that retains the ability of fibronectin to bind to collagen. Determination of the relative specific radioactivities of the two fragments leads us to conclude that the collagen-binding domain in fibronectin is located in the NH2-terminal third of the polypeptide chain and not in a COOH-terminal region as previously indicated by other structural studies.

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