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Prikl Biokhim Mikrobiol. 2012 May-Jun;48(3):259-75.

[Antibacterial metabolites of lactic acid bacteria: their diversity and properties].

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The review is devoted to literature data on antimicrobial metabolites produced by lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which have long been used for the preparation of cultured dairy products. This paper summarizes data on low-molecular-weight antimicrobial substances, which are primary products or by-products of lactic fermentation. Individual sections are devoted to a variety of antifungal agents and bacteriocins produced by LAB; their potential use as food preservatives has been discussed. The characteristics and classification of bacteriocins are presented in a greater detail; their synthesis and mechanism of action are described using the example of nisin A, which belongs to class I lantibiotics synthesized by the bacterium Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis. The mechanism of action of class II bacteriocins has been demonstrated with lacticin. Prospective directions for using LAB antimicrobial metabolites in industry and medicine are discussed in the Conclusion.

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