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Phys Med Biol. 1976 Jan;21(1):16-38.

Calculated beta-ray dose factors for trabecular bone.


Mean dose factors have been calculated for those tissues in bone that are relevant to the induction of late irradiation effects; namely, red bone marrow and endosteal tissues lining trabecular bone surfaces. The calculations are based on a Monte Carlo computer method for beta-emitting radionuclides which are distributed uniformly throughout the volume of mineralized bone. Results are given for the radionuclides 14C, 45Ca, 22Na, 18F, 32P, 90Y and 90Sr+90Y (all considered for this purpose as volume-seekers) for seven bones from the adult human skeleton and calculations are also presented of average skeletal dose factors. Where possible, results are compared with those derived from other methods based on simple geometrical models.

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