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ID: 858310

PCLA_858310   polar chromosome segregation protein

remodeling and anchoring of the chromosome protein; in Bacillus subtilis this protein functions in polar chromosome segregation during sporulation; binds inverted sequence motifs called ram along the chromosome; condenses DNA via RacA-RacA interactions


Conserved in:Bacillus
Total genera:1
Total organisms:59
Putative Paralogs:0
Locuses: racA

Related clusters [7]

ClusterNameDistanceProteinMedian length (aa)Genomes

Genome groups (clades)

Clade ID Name Proteins in Cluster Total Annotated Genomes Proteins per Genome (median)
22045Bacillus <bacterium>22695866
20021Bacillus <bacterium>17935732
20019Bacillus <bacterium>13295795
20018Bacillus sp. 123MFChir2114395
22704Bacillus cytotoxicus113840
22705Bacillus sp. FJAT-13831115567



Protein Table

Clade IDOrganismProtein nameAccessionLocus_tagLength (aa) Identical groupBLINK

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