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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) genome view
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     Lineage: Eukaryota; Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; Saccharomycotina; Saccharomycetes; Saccharomycetales; Saccharomycetaceae; Saccharomyces; Saccharomyces cerevisiae
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain S288c genome sequence, assembly, and annotation displayed in Map Viewer (build 3.1) was provided by the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD). SGD collects and maintains sequence and annotation updates. The latest build include the first major update of the S288C reference sequence since 1996 when an international consortium completed the sequencing of the S. cerevisiae genome. Using modern sequencing technology (Illumina HiSeq) the genome sequence was updated early in 2011 and as a result 194 proteins changed.

The budding yeast S. cerevisiae is one of the major model organisms for understanding cellular and molecular processes in eukaryotes. This single-celled fungus is also important in industry, where it is used to produce bread, beer, wine, enzymes, and pharmaceuticals. S. cerevisiae was the first eukaryote to have its genome completely sequenced.

The NCBI Map Viewer provides graphical displays of features on the S. cerevisiae genome. Browse through a chromosome by clicking on a chromosome link in the ideogram above. Alternatively find features of interest by submitting a query against the whole genome or against one chromosome at a time. Results are indicated both graphically, as tick marks on the ideogram, and in a tabular format. The results table includes links to a chromosome graphical view, where the feature can be seen in the context of additional data. Use the "Maps & Options" window, available on individual chromosome displays, to configure your display.

Data available at NCBI on 9/15/2011 for Saccharomyces cerevisiae is displayed in the following tracks, genomic DNA sequences from various strains in the Entrez nucleotide database, SGD gene models, repeats, cDNAs and ESTs from various strains and sequence tagged sites. Genetic linkage data is provided by SGD.

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Last modified: Nov 17 2011

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