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Human Genome Region 1P11

Cytogenetic location:

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Genome issues
Issue ID Status Description Resolution text
HG-1292 Resolved SRGAP2P1 may not be fully represented in GRCh37 The new tilepath has been uploaded to both the Chromosome level TPF and the patches TPF for Chromosome 1. All other previous issues in the region have been resolved and a new 'Gap Update' ticket has been created (HG-1317).
HG-1317 Resolved This is now a gap between components AC247039.2 and AC241377.3. This ticket is a continuation of gap ticket HG-463 and deals with the SRGAP2P1 region (HG-1292). AC253572 (CH17-3B23) has now been submitted and closes this gap.
Patches and alternate loci
Show in Viewer GenBank ID RefSeq ID Scaffold type Length Alignment mismatch Unique sequence
JH636053.3 NW_003871056.3 FIX 1,676,126 255 1,000,871

1P11 -- chr1 (NC_000001.10):120,471,050-121,346,350