NHGRI Structural Variation Project

The sequence-based Survey of Human Structural Variation aims to characterize common structural variants that are larger than SNPs, for example, multi-base insertions/deletions, inversions, translocations, and duplications. The approach entails sequencing the ends of fosmids and BACs from multiple individuals. This strategy can be efficiently scaled with current technology and is complementary to efforts to obtain human structural variation information by other technologies. more...

Fosmid library information
HapMap Identifier Population Library Name Status End sequences submitted to Trace Full insert sequences submitted to GenBank Reference
NA15510 N/A WI2 (G248) Complete   411 Tuzun et el., 2005
NA18517 Yoruba ABC7 Complete   157 Kidd et al., 2008
NA18507 Yoruba ABC8 Complete   225 Kidd et al., 2008
NA18956 Japan ABC9 Complete   722 Kidd et al., 2008
NA19240 Yoruba ABC10 Complete   509 Kidd et al., 2008
NA18555 China ABC11 Complete   386 Kidd et al., 2008
NA12878 CEPH ABC12 Complete   454 Kidd et al., 2008
NA19129 Yoruba ABC13 Complete   368 Kidd et al., 2008
NA12156 CEPH ABC14 Complete   351 Kidd et al., 2008
NA18552 China COR02,COR2A Complete   180
NA18947 Japan ABC16 Ongoing   202
NA18564 China ABC17 Ongoing    
NA10847 CEPH ABC18 Ongoing   65
NA18573 China ABC19 Ongoing    
NA19102 Yoruba ABC20 Ongoing    
NA11993 CEPH ABC21 Ongoing   41
NA11840 CEPH ABC22 Ongoing   1
NA18523 Yoruba ABC23 Ongoing    
NA18502 Yoruba ABC24 Ongoing   261
NA11832 CEPH ABC25 Ongoing    
NA18861 Yoruba ABC26 Ongoing    
NA18942 Japan ABC27 Ongoing   170

NOTE: The NHGRI structural variation Clone Finder is not currently available. If you need to access this tool, please write to the Help Desk

Last updated: 03 Apr 2018