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Variable Name and Accession

Variable Name: WORLD_LABEL
Variable Accession: phv00173964.v2.p2
Variable belongs to dataset: pht002998.v2.p2 : POPRES_v3_Subject_Phenotypes: This subject phenotype data table includes European label, which is a geographic label for sampled subjects, world label, origin label, and the country where the subject was born. These subjects were submitted in POPRES version 3 and contain genotype data generated from targeted next generation sequencing.

Variable version history
StudyVariable AccessionVariable Name
phs000145.v3.p2 phv00173964.v1.p2 WORLD_LABEL
phs000145.v4.p2 phv00173964.v2.p2 WORLD_LABEL

Variable Description

Labels defined as follows: African American: self identified as African ancestry from Jamaica or Grenada, European: self identified as European ancestry from UN Northern, UN Western, UN Southern, UN Eastern or a mixture of these 4 groups, Hispanic: self identified Hispanic from Colombia, Guyana, or Uruguay, Southern Asia: self identified as origin from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, Western Asia: self identified as origin from Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey or Yemen and Other: Ancestry missing, incomplete or with small numbers from regions other than those specified

Statistical Summary