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Study Description

Whole-genome expression analysis across nine major mental disorders with emphasis on schizophrenia (SZ), bipolar disorder (BP) and major depression (MDD) as compared to controls (C), allows examining disease-specific changes and potential common molecular pathogenic mechanisms. Three relevant regions were assessed: hippocampus (mRNA) and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (mRNA), and in control tissue, dura (mRNA) as well as genotypes, for a large cohort of individuals. We found a pattern of downregulation of gene expression in SZ, differences in expression between SZ and BP, and between the regions. 37 genes were differentially expressed in SZ vs C in both DLPFC and Hippocampus.

Table 1: The number of subjects in each array and mental disorder.

Anxiety Williams Tics Neuro Control Bipolar PTSD Autism MDD OCD ED Substance Schizo
Genotyping (SNP Array) 2 3 345 76 14 148 7 7 7 190
Hippocampus (mRNA) 1 3 281 51 7 88 5 1 6 134
Dura Mater (mRNA) 79 75
DLPFC (mRNA) 1 2 3 2 347 97 12 15 150 9 2 5 202

  • Study Design:
    • Case-Control
  • Study Type:
    • Case-Control
  • dbGaP estimated ancestry using GRAF-pop
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Study Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Postmortem brains were collected at the Human Brain Collection Core, NIMH with informed consent from the legal next of kin (NIMH protocol 90-M-0142), and at the Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders of the NICHD (contracts NO1-HD-4-3368 and NO1-HD-4-3383) and through the Stanley Medical Research Institute. Clinical characterization, neuropathological screening, toxicological analyses, and dissection of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex were performed as previously described (Lipska et al. 2006). All patients met DSM-IV criteria for a lifetime Axis I diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder or major depression, and controls had no history of psychological or psychiatric problems and negative toxicology results.

Molecular Data
TypeSourcePlatformNumber of Oligos/SNPsSNP Batch IdComment
Whole Genome Genotyping Illumina HumanHap650Yv3.0 660918 51469
Whole Genome Genotyping Illumina Human1M-Duov3_B 1185051 1049348
RNA Expression Illumina Human HT-12 Expression Bead Chip Kit N/A N/A
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