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Study Description

The goals of this project are to identify loci that underlie major genetic determinants of orofacial shape, by means of a GWAS in a cohort of normal African children (from Tanzania) from whom we have collected 3D digitized facial morphometric scans, and a subsequent replication study of normal children from the same population. These studies are part of the NIDCR FaceBase initiative ( In addition to dbGaP, all study genotype and phenotype data (including primary facial scans and landmarks) will be available for data-sharing with qualified investigators via the NIDCR FaceBase Hub (, following approval by the NIDCR FaceBase Data Access Committee.

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Publicly Available Data (Public ftp)

Connect to the public download site. The site contains release notes and manifests. If available, the site also contains data dictionaries, variable summaries, documents, and truncated analyses.

Study Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion: Tanzanian children aged 3-18, major ethic affiliation Bantu at level of all four grandparents

Exclusion: Any orofacial defect, any known birth defect, any known relatives with orofacial cleft, any non-Bantu grandparent

Molecular Data
TypeSourcePlatformNumber of Oligos/SNPsSNP Batch IdComment
Whole Genome Genotyping Illumina HumanOmni2.5 2443179 N/A
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